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Colour and pickup question

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Just about scraped togeather the money to buy the pickups for my custom guitar i'm making but i'm unsure on the colours to get. The body is going to be 80's green and it's gonna have 3 humbuckers with (If i can find the right size anywhere) neons under them to make them glow.
3 questions,

1) what colour would look good, i'm thinking pink and i want them all the same colour. Looking at the Jem777 range is this only gonna look good on a black fret board coz i need a clear board for my neons.

2) pickup combo is neck - DM humbucker from hell, middle - DM fred, bridge - super 2. any comments or recomendations on this are more than welcome as i'm not very knowledgeable on this sort of thing. style I play is kinda Racer X, Motley Crue thing. Before anyone says it I don't like the tone zone, lol.

3) any one know anywhere that sells neons that can run off a 9v battery? only ones i found the right size are 12v and are for chaving your car up.

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Neon lights are not suitable for use in a guitar, especially right underneath the pickups. Like flouorescent lights, neon lights generate EM interference that your pickups will turn into a loud hum.

And when you're talking about black and clear fretboards, are you actually referring to the pickguard?
There is a guy in the south that supplies led stuf for fret boards. Can't remember his name though. I am sure that my local guitar shop will be able to source the stuff (and the pickups actaully, they just got me a set of pink dimarzio's). PM me if you want the name; I am not sure what the rules are about leaving recommendations, and contact details on the boards.

Pink for the pu's is good. Why not pink, yellow and purple. If you're gonna do it wrong, do it right. I think that dimarzio may also do individual colours for each coil.

Based on the influences cited, I am thinking Super Distortion for the bridge.

What you are building sounds beyond cool, I am definately up for bringing '80s paint jobs back into the forefront of guitar building.
Obviously now I actually read your post I can see that you thought of the Super Distortion as well.
If you're going to go totally 80s, pink is the way to go, but I'm a sucker for white pickups.
Sorry darren i did mean pickguard not fret board thanks for pointing that out. I'm glad you pointed this out about the neons though. Do you know if LED's would do the same thing? Pink PU's are the way forward I think.
LEDs should be fine, and can be driven off a 9V battery easily.
I just ordered Green over Black for my 570. I'm a fan of "Poison Green. Breed/Fast Track/Paf Joe
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