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Combo amp

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Iam interested in getting a combo amp just for my house that has a nice clean and distortion. I've narrowed it down to vox ad60vt,roland cube 60 and Behringer V Tone GMX212.First off am I over looking any other amps in these price range?And out of these 3 what do you guys think of them?Thanks alot for your advice!
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I'd say get the Vox. It offers real tube tone plus the amp modelling and effects.
Thanks for the responses!Right now I got a podxt into a fender champ 30 and when I play that vox ad30vt I feel it sounds better than what I got now?But I paid 300 for the pod and 230 for the champ and the vox is only 239.Am I experiencing gas or is the vox just better?Thanks!
im thinking about getting a combo amp to, but i dunno which one. The vox brand seems good
The VOX is just simply better. It has the Valvetronix technology, so it feels and sounds as a tube amp would. Listen for yourself :D:

http://www.voxamps.co.uk/downloads/ Metal.mp3
http://www.voxamps.co.uk/downloads/lead shred.mp3
holy **** that does sound awsome! allright i am getting one (used though), thanks!
yeah the VOX AD30VT is great, my cousin owns one, and it rips !
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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