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I don't think that weird statement can really apply because both the RGs and the S series guitars have wizard necks and the SA guitars have that thick strat-like sangria neck. I didn't see any of the higher end models at Guitar Center, but I did check out one of the lower models (a SA160WBR). Aside from the shape of the body, I can't say that I liked the guitar at all. The bridge wasn't very good and the neck wasn't nearly as comfortable to play as a Wizard neck. Also, those stock pickups are HORRIBLE!! I mean, they sound even worse than powersound pickups (if such a thing is even possible). If it was just the pickups, then I might think about checking out one of the guitars but it doesn't even play very well. I'd take an S or an SA anyday of the week.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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