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Good evening, everyone! Hoping someone can shed a light on this for me.

On Sunday I purchased what I assumed was the EVO meet and greet for Boulder, CO on October 5th, 2022. I purchased this via my phone and AXS tickets. When I went to the site, I clicked on the VIP package that was just the meet & greets, Q&A, and soundcheck. Which I paid $281 plus their fees. Yikes! Anyway, when reviewing the receipt, it has labeled VIP 3 which according to Vai.com is the merchandise-only package with no meet & greet. Did I purchase the wrong one?

If I went to the AXS site and click on the Merchandise package it was only $198 and a ticket farther back from the stage. Is there anyone here that could clear this up? I am hoping I didn't spend $300 for a merchandise-only package. Perhaps AXS has the VIP packages labeled differently. Thank you in advance!!

Matt Short
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