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Cool guitar stuff for $40 or less?

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I have about $40 of freely spendable money, and I want something guitar-related, preferably not a pedal unless it's something other than the usual chorus/delay/distortion/flanger/phaser/EQ/ etc. etc.

Any suggestions?
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a capo? strings? picks? cables? tuners? metronome? books? there are a lot of things...
Strings and picks. Great choice. I lose alot of picks so I buy alot of picks. Strings are always good to have.
danny gatton's hot licks dvds (reissued finally!)
if you really have to spend $40 and want to remember it, maybe look at a flashy new strap. some sort of matching cliplock? or perhaps one of those rather unique levy's?
Get Jack Zucker's "Sheets of Sound for Guitar", it's 30 bucks. It's at sheetsofsound.net Best 30 bucks you'll ever spend on your guitar.

Progdude said:
Booze & Porn
Where is the guitar stuff in buying that ;)?


if you have a strat or a hardtail of some kind.....

Graph Tech saddles.
Nab Gutherie Govan's Creative guitar books ! ! !
You'll find OODLES of inspiration!
if i had extra money i would buy alot of picks, last time i did that they lasted a long ass time
a couple of funky straps?

a laser pointer to tape to the back of the headstock?

a set of xmas lights for your pedal board?
You can probably get a gross (144) custom picks for around $40, but it's a little late for Christmas.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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