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Cornford's Harlequin ,WTF?!

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I was checking out some combos for upgrading my practice setup. ive always liked the sound of the cornford amps, so i thought i should check those out, i heard some samples at cornford's website of the harlequin, and they were awesome, so i took a closer look at the specs and i saw something shocking (since this amp is fairly big), it only haves 6 watts (Class A [i dont know what that means])!!! and for what i understand, this amp shouldnt be loud at all! (i understand, more watts, more volume) . I mean, like i said, i'd use it for practice purposes, but ...6 watts?!
Am i wrong with my "more watts=more volume" perception? Anyone have heard this amp in action?

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I've only had a quick go on a harlequin, but the advantages were really easy to see (or rather hear ;-) ) as soon as you crank it up... nice power amp overload without blowing your head off with volume.
Alternatively I'd also highly recomend the tipton amps "slasher" 6W switchable to 2.5W. Handbuilt in the UK, very high quality peice of kit...


John P.
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