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Cornford's Harlequin ,WTF?!

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I was checking out some combos for upgrading my practice setup. ive always liked the sound of the cornford amps, so i thought i should check those out, i heard some samples at cornford's website of the harlequin, and they were awesome, so i took a closer look at the specs and i saw something shocking (since this amp is fairly big), it only haves 6 watts (Class A [i dont know what that means])!!! and for what i understand, this amp shouldnt be loud at all! (i understand, more watts, more volume) . I mean, like i said, i'd use it for practice purposes, but ...6 watts?!
Am i wrong with my "more watts=more volume" perception? Anyone have heard this amp in action?

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dangomles said:
Yeah, thats what i mean, then this thing must eat tubes like hell! thats concerning me
No, not at all.
Good tubes last a surprisingly long time. There's vintage tube amps around that are still run with their original tubes from the '60s (although i wouldn't do that,lol).

Really, it won't be a problem at all, especially with a quality amp like a Cornford.

And 6 watts of Tube power is surprisingly loud. I've got a 12 watt head that i made myslef and it uses a single KT66 tube and that thing is stupidly loud !

It's not going to be a gigging type volume but you could always mike it up if you wanted to use it live.

Rob Balducci uses Cornford i think and Richie Kotzen has his own signature head now as well.
dangomles said:
Can anyone explain me the "Class A" part please?
It's complex but there's a good link i found here that happens to be talking about the Harlequin as well.
If you go down to near the bottom of the page there's a section highlighted in orange that explains (as basically as you can really) what Class A means.

Here's a picture of the Class A head i built. It's basically the same type of design as a Harlequin but it has a KT66 valve instead of the EL84 in the Harlequin which gives it about twice the power.

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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