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couple of guitars

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Here's my humble collection. 2005 J Custom rg8170f bx, 1999 RG570, and a yamaha rgx420s drop 6 barritone.

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The J.custom looks very, very nice.
Cool way to hang your guitar, spread out like that.

Nice guitars! I especially like that J. Custom. ;)
Nice guitars man. But I notice you put an EMG in the bridge but not in the other positions. How does it sound going from pickup to pickup, or do you just stick with the EMG?
Thx for all the cool comments. I put the EMG in the 570 bridge position cuz that's where I usually leave the selector -- the active EMG gives me that extra power and brightness for that guitar. The J.Custom has such nice pup's in there already that I have no plans to change any of em out.
J-Customs rule man SWEET :grin:.


Great guitars, but how the hell do you stand to hang them on the wall??

I wouldn't be able to look at them not worrying if one of them would fall down! Your dream would be smashed in a thousand pieces and in a split second. Hehe, I stick with my case ;)
i hang my best guitars on the wall, too, using the same stringswing hangers as titan. i screw them directly into studs (which explains the slightly erratic spacing of mine) and short of an act of God, those babies are secure.
heheh, I was initially a little worried too...but the stringswings screwed right into the studs is very secure, they aren't falling down unless there's an earthquake or something. I love being able to look at the others while I play one.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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