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Cover: Far Beyonf The Sun

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Cover: Far Beyond The Sun (w/ Boss GT-8)


Did that this morning. How does it sound like? Comments are welcome!

- M
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It's done pretty well. You nailed some parts really nicely. But I feel that you were really pushing it on some of the arepeggio runs and sweeps. I'd work on playing some of those licks with more smoothness to them. I could swear you were playing wrong notes at various parts in the recording too. However you sounded decent and nailed the timing pretty well. Nice job overall, I'd be proud. :p

Well...if I did this in the morning I might probably end up sounding worse haha. -_-
If I tried playing this at anytime (morning, noon, or night) I would defenitely end up sounding worse! I am a huge Yngwie fan, I really liked it. It wasnt perfect by any means, but it was very good, and certainly better than what I could do probably! Although saying that, I have never attempted it.

This will be one of the songs I attempt next I think.

Don't want to defend myself, but - really - I think my technique sucks big time. I played this song maaaany times a few years ago and now tried to play it. Actually, it took more time to record the backing guitar than the lead one. The lead track was recorded in 4 parts with 7 takes. I had the Guitar Pro file on the screen while playing from the memory, and when I couldn't remember, I either checked it from the screen or just improvised. That's the MAIN reason for wrong notes here and there :) The minor reason's coz I really haven't felt like playing the guitar at all since this summer. Don't know why :(

But, thanks anyway! :)
Oh! I realized the backing track was in standard tuning! Do you think you could provide the track? :p It's a pain in the ass for me to tune down half step just to play along with the original...-_- (I play a JEM).
Yepp, mail me @ matias(a)kaarmenayttely.com

I used a 77FP on this one!
I think you did a awsome job even Yngwie doesnt play his own songs right he always improv's solo's
Techniquewise it was pretty decent although you need to practice your sweeping and
your bending, you couldn't really nail those bends with vibrato but then again it's no walk in the park to interpret Yngwie's stuff, it was ok but you need a lot more woodshedding on this one. the harmonies sounded a little off too. Get that fire and inspiration back so that you can practice more regularly and then record it again you might be surprised how much better it'll sound.

Good job nonetheless,
Not bad but playing isn't really smooth ..... yet..... Keep on playing
good job, I know how much work it is to work out all those parts! I have made it half way through and usually get side tracked after working on it for days and never finish it! Its alot of work, keep it up!!! Tim
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