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crazy question about mesa footswitch???

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do they make replacement end jacks for the the Mesa Mark IV footswtich? and also do they make a female end??? I can't stand that you can't detach the cable from the end of footswitch end of the cable. so i was wondering if they made the hardware necessary to cut the cable right near the footswitch, put the exactly same end that plugs into the amp on the footswitch end of the cable, then put a female end on the long portion of the cable end to connect to the new footswitch jack. I didn't know if the footswitch plug was a special plug or a universal thing that many amp companies use.
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Refresh my memory... my Mark IV is at my rehearsal space, and I haven't seen it for 2 months (and it'll probably be another month before we can all get together for our next practice).

Doesn't the Mark IV have an XLR-type connector for the footswitch? How many pins does it have?

If you're lucky, and it has 3 pins, you may be able to use a standard XLR microphone cable to extend it. If it has more or less than 3 pins, you may need to build a custom extension cable, but I'm sure the connectors are out there somewhere.

not so lucky.. it's 6 pin.. 5 in outer ring and 1 in center. i dont' have a single clue what the connection could be called to look for connectors for sale
Like "Figure F" here?


Or perhaps this...


I just did a couple searches on Google for 6 pin DIN and 6 pin XLR. Technically, I think DIN is more like a MIDI cable and XLR is more like what's on the Mark IV.

it looks just like that figure F yes. it looks jsut like the end of a mic cable that plugs into a mic only has the Figure F pin pattern rather than 3 pin
actually the first things here looks just like the one on the mesa exactly excpet for color

So if you use the following link, you can see both the male & female connectors:


Not cheap ($16 for the pair). Plus you'd need the cable, I'm guessing either 6 or 7 conductor. But you may be able to search around and find the 6 pin XLR connectors cheaper somewhere else.

I completely forgot that my Mark IV even HAD a footswitch until I ran across it the other day in the back of a closet. Ditching that switch and moving to midi for controlling the Mark IV functions was the first and possibly best move I did with mine. One footswitch push and everything happens: channel switching, effects processor patch changes, stomp boxes in/out of signal path...

So you might want to check into a basic midi pedal coupled with something like a Midi-Octopus, a Peavey Midi-Pro, a GCX, or any of the other midi devices that take in a midi signal, and operate multiple switching devices. If you're going to keep your Mark IV a long time, you won't regret it.

o nly really have one effect though.. i onyl use delay.. i have no multieffects units... i dont' think i really need the midi switch.. at least at this time. i'd assume moving to midi isn't as cheap as what i want to do

here is my whole setup

guitar ->

peterson strobostomp
ernieB volume
Carl Martin boost kick->

Mark IV

Boss DD20
BBE sonic Max
ISP Decimator ProRackG
(end loop)
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Yep, I think you're right. For your setup, midi would be overkill and cost quite a bit more. Keep it in mind if you ever go to a midi-capable effects processor though.
i had thought baout it.. but i still haven't found an effects processor i'm really happy with.. i thought about a couple TC things.. but i've heard that you have a 50/50 chance of having major reliability issues with them. i haven't looked too hard since i'm pretty happy with my delay.. if i do go that route though you can bet i'll be on here figuring out how to do it, cause i dont' have the lsightest clue.. but thanks guys for helping me.. i think this is what i need
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