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Finally put the finishing touches on my Vernon Reid-colored gobstopper Jem-based main guitar. It felt like I was missing a limb while this thing was out of commission. It started life as an orange crush finished Charvel DK24, the only production guitar under 1k to come close to feeling a little like a high end Suhr...I can't recommend the models with the roasted maple necks enough. I resculpted the body and strat-style headstock and left it with a nice stained burst for awhile before wanting to try my hand at a gobstopper finish like ESP used to do in the 1980s and chose to model my design off of the greatest of these so-finished guitars, Vernon Reid's 1986 ESP custom. These finishes are time consuming and there are a few things I learned along the way that are all but required and will help me going into the next one...but it turned out pretty good despite being my first. It was done by hand, as power tools have a solid chance of ruining this particular finish (just look at the disappointing "Cult86" that LTD released in 2016 and sold for 1300 bucks...that's the fault of power sanders and an impatient Korean production line) and I'm very happy with it. Taking suggestions for a color scheme for my next body?


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Sorry I have no opinion for you for these kinds of posts, thanks. hope some one else help you.
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