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For sale is one of my favourite guitars. This was once a 1987 radius, but was transformed into a "super" donnie.

The paint job is a spot on perfect replica of a Donnie Hunt. Not only in the design of the patter, but also in the techinque used. If you have never seen a real Donnie in person you are probably not aware that this guitars are painted with a brush, not an airbrush. The colours are also a little bit mixed up (as with any real paint brush work of art). All this little details that make for a perfect replica are there.

But, I went a step further than the replica an actually had the headstock matched, and added a colour matching accesories. Also it has the original tilted headstock that the radius had and the usual input jack placement.

It is in my opinion, the best Donnie Hunt replica I ve ever seen, with a few extras like the matching headstock and accesories.

The neck is incerdibly comfortable and finished with a tung oil treatment.

Pick ups are 2 Evos, with a coil tap in the tone knob.

I am a collector, so it doesnt get played that much. It is in PERFECT condition and comes with HSC.

Im back living in Mexico City, so the guitar is located there.

It is a one of a kind instrument. It created a lot of interest when I first showed it here in jemsite. here is the original thread:


Price is 2900USD
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