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Hi, Everybody!

I'm planning on building my own custom JEM, but I'm new to this, so I have a few questions.

Because I'm planning on doing a unique wiring (3 pickups, 3 on/off switches, 3 series/coil cut/parallel switches, 3 tone push-pulls, which will double as phase in/out switches, and 1 master volume) I'd like to know where I can get a JEM body cut that would accommodate this. If I can just get a standard body without the selector or knob holes drilled, I'm fairly confident I could rout it enough myself to make it work, but if I could get someone to do the routing for me, that would be much better.

I'm also planning on modifying the Lion's Claw to accommodate an EVH D-Tuna on an original Edge, which I'll make work with an ESP Arming Adjuster.

I was planning on getting a neck custom made by ET Guitars, all the wiring components from Radio shack/Guitar Center, and the Trem, nut, screws, and tuners from Ibanezrules.

All that leaves is the body. I'd like to get it made out of solid mahogany, but I can't just buy one, due to my wiring. If someone out there could recommend a good custom body maker, that would be awesome. :)

I've also made up a wiring schematic, and if I can figure out how to post it, I'll do that too.

Any helpful criticism of my plan would also be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks a lot!
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