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OK well I'm sure someone on here must have owned this at one point or knows the pickup and neck specs so I can be sure I wont make a mistake when I try to find it a new home. I've scoured the forum for the last couple of days and only found one definite reference and photo posted by Simscustomshop and a couple of vague references by other members to an "early Perle GMC".

I bought it from 3Bay in July 2005 and from what I remember its a Perle swirl that was clearcoated by Patrick Sims of Simscustomshop. There is a thread on this forum about Patricks experience with this one but I would just like to verify the electrics and which RG model the neck came from. I seem to remember buying it advertised with specially ordered zebra Evolutions and an Evolution single coil, dimarzio pots and either an RG550 or 570 neck. They could be PAF pro's though and the neck could be a 470 or something I lost the listing that I had saved as a web page. I've never played it so anyone with any history with it would be a big help.

Scroog3Bay just humbugged it from sale due to trademark breach after it ran through a full week and then being relisted 2 days ago for another run so I imagine once I get the full specs I'll now have to put it in the classifieds here or something.

(replace the **'s for t's as I cannot post links yet)

Thanks for any help you can give me :)
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