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Custom JEM Style Recommendations

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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking for someone to build me a custom version of my JEM, neck through style with some other more subtle changes (custom paint, sustainer, Floyd Rose, abalone disappearing pyramids on an ebony board). Can anyone recommend a builder out there? Christopher Woods is busy for a while (his work looks great).
Thanks in advance, I look at Jemsite daily and have learned a ton about my favorite guitar....
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most of any of the ad banners above are great as well, but I think they are all quite busy right now too, but worth talking to them. Maybe LGM isn't so busy, but I doubt it.
At this point and time you might not be able to get help from either LGM or EKG. EKG would be your best bet at this time, but I don't think they do painting or inlays. Im not positive on that, but im pretty sure they just handed the wood part of the guitars.
Jeremy is busy setting up the new shop.


Thanks for the input, I'll try to get in touch with Jeremy.
If anyone else comes to mind in case Jeremy is too busy please let me know.
Hey Kid, I found your post obviously. If anybody else is reading this thread I would love to see some pictures of the axes that Jemsite folks maybe own from either LGM or EKG. Yes, I've seen the gallery photos on the above banners...Or if not, what is the proper thread to look under? See you soon kid. The Tug
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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