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Howdy everyone, long time since I've been a regular poster here. I'd like to share this project and put myself back on the map in this unique and fun cyber community. Some of you might remember me and my serious GAS attacks.

This is a project that started many moons ago from a modified RG I had gotten from another forumite about 8 or more years ago. The body began life as an early RG560 and has since had a few modifications made to it. The middle single cavity was filled, the tone knob hole was filled, a Jem style monkey grip was cut and a Jem style angled jack was also drilled out. A good friend sprayed a nice orange roadster metallic paint, ala: RG3550rom. I have wanted an RG3550rom with that glorious maple fretboard since i first spied it in Rich's NAMM pics when they were introduced, that model has been my inspiration for this project.

The neck I'm going to use is an original wizard '91 RG750ltd neck that is in amazing condition for being over 22yrs old. It's not the uber sexy maple I've wanted for this project but a sweet neck nonetheless and it fits the body/neck pocket wonderfully.

A friend is making me a carbon fiber style silver pickguard to custom fit the body. The pics show a clear HxS custom pickguard I had originally had made for this body, but over time and more than a few moves the top neck pickup piece sadly broke off. I am going to let my buddy use that pickguard and another HSH pickguard along with the actual body as templates to make the new silver one.

I haven't decided which way I'm going to go with the bridge pickup yet, I have a SD SH-10 in white and an EVO 2 in black in my parts box.The neck pup is a white SD SSL-2 that I had on hand. I'll use what I have to get the guitar playing and eventually swap to other pickups down the road, going to a wht/blk bridge pup and a wht neck pup. I am going with a three way selector for now and maybe switch to a 5 way down the road.

I still need a neck plate gasket for the NOS Original unserialized Ibanez neck plate and that should be the last piece to this puzzle.

I'd love to hear any thoughts or feedback. I'm happy to be back on Jemsite. -TJ :)

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