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Hey guys recently installed these in my ibanez RG. I had never done a pickup change before in all 5 years of my playing but had always toyed with the idea. Origionally wanted to go for the EMG set but decided i wanted to stick with passive pickups.

Wanted to say thankyou for your help to all the guys who offered their help and advice for me when working out how to get them to work :D.

I am massively impressed with these pickups. I changed from the stock v7/v8's. Despite only playing through my little 30w Peavey Vypyr the difference is more than noticeable. The D-activator certainly does what it says on the tin and for thrash metal it is PERFECT! I tend to play with a very chainsaw like dry kinda tone for my rhythm playing, but this thing just sounds incredible, picks up pinch harmonics extremely well. Also found that it can nail a very nice ACDC style tone with some amp fiddling and rolling off the volume ever so slightly.

The liquifire was the most noticeable upgrade of the 2 pickups. Incredibly smooth under high gain, it has a wonderfully articulate sound and every note can be heard clearly even when playing very fast. I found that it has an almost malmsteen type of clarity to it. Also managed to get a gorgeous slash like tone from it, a good example would be the 'Knockin on heavens door' solo, absolutely nailed it!!

Once again im mega impressed with both of these pickups and they work perfectly well together. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have relating to these as i would be happy to help!!!
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