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Daily Guitar Repair
Written by Ava

Who knew guitar repair could be so fun?

That's exactly the feeling I get when I read the brief, but quirky answers to Jemsite's Q&A for Gary Brawer's Stringed Instrument Repair, a quaint but cool little shop bursting with stories of disheveled musicians who came in with their broken instruments hoping for a fix and came out winners!

Gary Brawer owns the place, but shop manager Allen Whitman takes us on his own little tour--but only gives us a tast. For a real treat, check out the Brawer's Daily Guitar Repair blog and see for yourself where all the magic happens!

What role has guitar played in your life?

A form of artistic expression, a way to rebel, a way to get attention and a way to make a living.

Why fix guitars and not play them?

We do both. You can, too.

Tell me about the humble beginnings of the Brawer guitar repair shop in San Francisco?

Gary is from Detroit. He apprenticed with the infamous Dan Erlewine and then set up shop himself. He's been at it for about three decades.

Why did you want to start a guitar repair shop?

The path of least resistance!

What kinds of guitars do you feature? Do you sell guitars as well repair them? Give me more details about the store.

We repair and modify electric and acoustic guitars and basses. We are a warranty station for almost everybody and we are a PLEK service center. We have same day service available, five technicians and are open six days a week, from 11AM to 6PM. We are closed on Sundays. Please contact us here:

Stringed Instrument Repair
15 Lafayette St.
SF, CA 94103
(415) 621-3904

Tell me one of your more interesting or unusual anecdotes concerning a guitar repair that occurred in the shop.

Please check out our blog: Brawer Daily Guitar Repair. It is packed with amusing, informative and occasionally alarming content.

What is the purpose of your Daily Guitar Repair blog? Why should the world know about this quaint guitar repair shop in San Francisco?

We are not concerned with whether or not the world knows or cares about us and our bloggy quaintness. The blog is only to amuse ourselves and our shop exists independently of it.

What are some of the problems people come in with?

Where to begin?! Poor playability, no output, broken headstocks, instrument dissatisfaction, low self esteem, too much time on one's hands, basic maintenance, the list goes on forever…

What's your favorite thing in the shop?

Unlike the standard American Retail Model, we are not here to convince a person to pay us money for something that they do not need. We make available real world solutions in a common sense manner and that is a joy in itself.

If you didn't own a repair shop, what would you be doing with your love for guitars?

If I didn't own a shop I would work out of my house and probably need a waiting room and some extra storage.

Any advice for guitar enthusiasts interested in doing the same thing?

There is a wealth of detailed information available online, in print and from the experience of those people who do this kind of work for a living. While there is no substitute for experience, one must begin somewhere like, for instance, refretting your own guitar using your parents washing machine as a workbench.
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