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ehh, I played the trident at our store using a hotplate into a Mesa 4X12 and it sounds to me like a Marshall on steroids. While technically not "high gain" like an Uberschall or the like, the tone was definatley amazing.

Guys I've talked to who have used/heard the amp are calling it the marshall killer. The EL34's certainly lent a vintage JTM sweetness and the spongy setting with a les paul yielded an instant brown tone that would make VH fans drool.

But it offered so much more than the old marshalls. It wasn't a one trick pony. The cleans were great and the overdrive just had so much more massiveness to it and I loved the individual tone shaping switches. I tried it without the hot plate on the full 150watt mode and it was just rediculously loud. Definatly something I'd be interested in owning.
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