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Dave: What gauge string do you use for the acoustic seven string?

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Just wondering. I bought one and I figure I'm going to need to replace the strings sooner or later (I'm cheap and play strings to death).

And I can't find "official" information on the gauges. Any help would be great.
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Hey bro.

Ya know, I don't even remember. I know I did a lot of experimenting with string gauges but it's been forever since I've changed the strings on that guitar. Next time I do, I'll let you know what I use.

Yeah, some other threads on seven string acoustics here suggested going to Just Strings.com and ordering a set of six plus a single string. I'm leaning that way, just trying to figure which gauge and waiting for next payday. (I just blew a huge wad of dough on a snare drum.)
where would you find a 7-string acoustic anyhow?
heh, certainly not an Ibanez i would imagine.
Well, yeah it is an Ibanez, albeit a discontinued one. Model AJ307CE.
thats cool.. i really dig that low acoustic sound.. i keep mine tuned down.. but i didnt know they made a 7 string acoustic ... u learn something new everyday.

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