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First.... Sorry my english!... I usually have to use the google translator. My daughter speak english very well... she is bilingual but I don't want to continually bother her with my f***ing translations 馃槄.
Having said that... we begin! 馃檪

Although I am not going to assemble this guitar, out of laziness rather 馃槄, it will be done by my luthier this time.
I did assemble the predecessor to this one,,, the DCR JEM Fresno I:

This guitar is now adorned on the wall but with chinese pieces: neck, hardware, pickups, etc.:

I was bored with that finish and that heavy ash body I bought years ago and that does not bring back good memories because the seller was very rude to me. Precisely, the seller is known in this forum and he is (or he was) around here 馃檮. Apart from the fact that I was not very convinced of the body due to some little failures,,, I did not quite like the guitar at all.

So I made an order to a luthier from the USA (Mai-Guitar... Chris is a nice guy) to make me a new one piece swamp ash body; Also I ordered a cool new Chinese neck form Aliexpress; I took out the gold hardware and good parts from the old guitar; I bought new Dimarzio pickups from USA ('Banjomikez'... nice guy too); I ordered a new pickguard in the UK; and I decided to build another guitar that I would like.

Wood for the body... A beautifull piece of swamp ash:

And.... body done!:

With a CNC machine everything is perfect and easier 馃槈.

The neck:

Although for this "new" guitar, I sent all the parts to the luthier, and he will take care of the final finish and assemble it... So it won't be a strict DIY... could it be a "DIL"? 馃槃

I will let you know how progress this guitar...

But before I say goodbye, here is a small preview 馃:


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Hi friends...
I go with the military green!... I like a little more the green/blue of the first pic but speaking with the luthier, he told me that it is no easy to do.

He sent me some pics:

Pics in indoor light:

Pics in outdoor light:

I think is cool... I like the finish... :)


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Hi friends...

The guitar is finished馃檪...

I took photos with my smartphone and tried to get the most realistic color possible, but it is not easy... 馃様.

Lots of pics 馃:


  • Body: One piece of Swampash.
  • Neck: Maple, Ebony fingerboard, Tree of Life inlay.
  • Bridge: Ibanez Lo Pro Edge.
  • Gotoh tuners and locking nut.
  • Pickups: Dimarizo Satchur8 bridge, Ibanez S1 middle, Dimarizo Super Distortion neck.
  • 5 way switch, Volumen, Tone, miniswitch tap coil.
  • Dimarzio strap cliplock.
  • Military Green finish.
  • Assembled in ESP by Jcr Luthier (2021).

I think the guitar is very cool and it has been worth it 馃槑馃檪.

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