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Dean Markley K-150 100 watt guitar amp - $150.

For Sale - one Dean Markley K150 100 watt classic guitar amplifier. If you know amps, you'll recognize this was an late '80s - early '90s classic amp. Has clean and drive channels, with equalizer and reverb settings. The drive channel profile can be further modified with eight digital switches. The Markley 10" Vintage Rock speaker puts out an awesome, rocking 100 watts. This amp is in great condition with very minor blemishes to the cover. It sounds great at lower volumes - I haven't tried it at levels more than half-way up.

I've got it on CL here, which has pictures:

Dean Markley K-150 100 watt guitar amp

Others have listed this same amp model- one right now on eBay for $299 and Guitar Center for $180.

Pick up, or can be shipped for $22 more.

Thanks, Gary
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