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[Mods, if this isn't in the correct area, please feel free to move it! Thanks, darren.]

At long last, the Decibel Carbon Fibre picks are available for pre-order!

These are precision-cut from 1.0 mm carbon fibre plate, with a scratch-resistant matte finish on one side, and a raw finish on the other.

(Prototypes shown)

The tip of each pick is sealed, shaped and hand-polished for precise picking and a smooth finish. The Decibel logo is also cut out, giving additional grip.

These are incredibly stiff for their thickness, so even if you play a much heavier pick, these will give you the same feel with less material.

There are two sizes available: J (typical "jazz" shape and size) and SJ ("jazz" shape, but 20% larger). Approximate dimensions are shown below:

Picks are CAD$25 each, plus $5 shipping and handling. Each pick will also come with a few standard Decibel printed matte Delrin picks as well.

To order:

Demo videos:

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