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Default lock combination

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Does anyone know the default lock combination for Jem hard cases, This is the first time I have used the case since I bought my Jem 8 months ago and the case is locked, i remember not setting any number but dont know what the default unlonk combination is so cant open the bloody thing. I have tried the usual 000, 999, 123 but nothing.

Any one know??!! Going mad here.
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It doesn't take that long to cycle through all combinations, as long as it's not in the later numbers. I once changed my combination by mistake and spent fifteen minutes going through them all - it was in the 700s when I got there.

You'll probably get to it quicker that way than waiting for a reply here.
duh Im a bit slow today, yeah you are right, I got it in under 30 seconds. Trust another brit to come up with the obvious lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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