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Sorry for all those mislead before, it's the same post I put in a while ago, but I accidently headed it 'Definitive PGM Wiring'! Whoops!


Just for anyone who needs it, i've got THE definitive wiring diagram for how to wire up 2 humbuckers, JPM style, using either an original JPM-P100 type switch, the Dimarzio equivalent(#EP1111) which is slightly different, a DiMarzio/Fender 3-way tele switch or the alternative generic type tele switch where the soldering fins are in a different order.

With 5 switches, You can see why it's taken me so long to crack this nut!!

If you need it, send me a PM or email me and i'll send it to you. Only reason i'm doing it this way is because old threads tend to not show the pictures after a while so people down the line might not benefit.

I spent ages working these out with the help of various people on this forum and the guys at DiMarzio, and from my own experience I know there's a lot of people who keep enquiring about it and I found it a nightmare.

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