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Right. So I need a new guitar. My current guitar - BC Rich Beast... lovely as though it is to play, the body shape is too much for me and I've decided painted necks are not for me anymore.

So the time has come for a new axe.

I'm looking at the 1570. Can I ask what the differences are between the 1570 and the 2570? Is the 2570 worth the price difference?

I intend to tune down to C. Does anyone else own of these that they tune down? If so, what is the sound like? I have owned good Ibanez (and bad) before. I've always found the sound a little lacking, be the pickups EMGs, Dimarzios, etc... what do you use?

Would you get a 1570, or save a little more and get a Ran guitar (www.ranguitars.com).

Listen to some clips on my band's site to get a handle on what I play

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