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i was looking for a unit to be able to record some vocal stuff/ mic my cabs/ midi i/o... came across presonus firepod,

but what else is out there similar to this?...
any ideas...
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The Edirol (Roland) FA-101 is nice, http://www.rolandus.com/products/details.asp?CatID=12&SubCatID=51&ProdID=FA-101. There are quite a few out there now. MOTU, http://www.motu.com/, has some too. Lots of choices. Are you looking for USB, PCI, or Firewire. I have an older Edirol unit that uses a PCI card and a rack mount interface box.

the motu 828 mkII is a stellar piece of gear. it has something the firepod doesn't: adat in. you may be asking yourself: so? i'll tell you why: behringer makes an analog digital interface that is around $200, that with the price of a motu 828 is cheaper than 2 firepods. 16 channels in. i know this because one of my students was putting together a home studio and he was going to go with the firepod, we looked at several rackmount units and the motu with the behringer was way cheaper.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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