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did my jem7v wh body got painted with other color?

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hello Ibanez guitarists,

I purchased this used 2001 jem7v at Guitar center in 2009. At that time I thought weird that only body has yellowed color while neck is still very white but just stick to it as I was just happy with having Jem. IIUC, Ibanez used special paint for jem so body shouldn't yellow easily and I wonder if it's even possible that entire body's color has changed uniformly.

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Want to hear from expert's perspective! Thanks :)
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It’s most likely a clear coat thing

Most 7vs don’t yellow over time but there’s clearly some variation in color over the years and I’d imagine the paint has changed here and there over time, batch specific things etc. there’s a pretty noticeable difference between my 2010 7v and 2015 7v.

Either the headstock wasn’t the same paint/clear whatever or the body is the only part that was subjected to enough UV to yellow it.

looks cool! Enjoy
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