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With my RG752 (LoPro Edge, strung with 10s) set up all correctly, having it play very well (action, neck bend etc) and stay in tune basically flawlessly, I'm still wondering about one little thing.

Basically, when the bass side knife edge of the bridge is set correctly and perfectly perpendicular to the trem post and level with the body, the treble side knife edge is just slightly tilted backwards. In other words, the treble side of the bridge is pulled ever so slightly downward (as if you were pulling UP on the trem) - when the bass side knife edge is level, the treble side knife edge is not exactly level.

I understand that string thickness dictates that it's fine to have an uneven angle of treble to bass side bridge height but I'm not sure about the knife edge angle per side of the bridge.

For what it's worth, I have the claw set up with the default 3 springs going in a straight line (not a \ | / shape) and the claw is screwed in perfectly straight and parallel to the body. In other words, there is equal tension across all 3 springs. The only thing that I can think that would affect this issue is perhaps having uneven (ie. MORE tension on the treble-side trem spring) tension but this seems like it might create its own issues.

Does anyone have any comments on this? Rich from Ibanezrules also states that he gets the spring claw set up parallel to the body. I've followed his guides and tech articles very closely so I'm sure everything on the guitar is set up correctly.

As I said, the guitar is playing perfectly and the tuning seems absolutely brilliant so it's not the biggest deal, I just can't seem to find anything online about this and was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts.
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