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Dimarzio Colored Pics In RG's

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I finally decided on a pickup combo for my RG570. (Damm Dimarzio for having so many good pickups, I'd need 10 guitars to do all the combos I want).

I went with Breed in the bridge, Fast Trak 1 in the mid, and a Paf Joe in the neck. I wanted "smooth power". The Humbuckers are black on the lower coil and Green on the top coil. It's a metallic black color RG570. I wanted a bit of the 80's shred look.

Anyone got pics of their RG with colored pups? I'll try to get mine up when it's finished.
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My blue pickups are actually more blue than they are in the pictures, I just realized that they're kinda green.
Nice Custom job Tosh, what model RG is that?
Gex said:
Here's what blue Dimarzios look like

PAF pro, HS-2, and another PAF pro

http://photobucket.com/albums/v39/nonamemx/Ibanez RG550DXLB/
I like the looks of the blue pickups, Gex.

Toshiro, purple looks good in that guitar. Nice job.

Me, I like white and cream colored pickups. :mrgreen:
Sweet guitars toshiro and flobanez ;).


Kamikaze_1 said:
Clack and Cream for me. :D
Same here :).



...and Chiquita Bananez.

Barbie was an RG270BK, pickups are DiMarzio Norton (b) and DiMarzio PAF (n). Chiquita's got a pair of DiMarzio Tone Zones.
they'll be pictured soon on ibanez87.it.
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Thanks guys, that's my baby, #1 for 10 years now.

Thrash said:
Nice Custom job Tosh, what model RG is that?
It's an RG750, SN# calls it an '88(it's on the neckplate too, no F- prefix), in the supposed Violet Pearl finish that has no Violet.

(Side note: in the 1989 catalog a very violet/pink colored guitar was named Heather Pearl, IMO it's a typo and this should be Heather Pearl, since it's like grey. lol SO I usually call this guitar Heather grey)

Anyways, those are both Breeds, knobs/switch-tip are Dimarzio, Pickguard is from Jeannie's. :D

I left out the other customised RG because I thought white wasn't a color. :p
Just for fun here's the other one:

Talk about mods, this was an RG760(HSS rear routed) that I cut up a lot. Pickguard/trussrod cover are from EKG, Breed neck, blue velvet, Super3. This, funnily enough, is the backup guitar. lol I sold my Metal-flake RG570 to buy/build/butcher this. ;)
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Toshiro that blue one you just posted is sweet
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