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Dimarzio evolution neck for neoclassical shredding??

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Just wondering if the Dimarzio Evolution neck pickup could handle well stuff like yngwie malmsteen michael angelo batio, or should i be better looking for a Hands without shadows pickup?

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Angelo and yngwie are different things. I had tried to built a malmsteen strat, scalloped. The best yngwie neck sound I achieved with the stock no-name asian pup. I tried two different HS-3 yet no luck. In the bridge it sucked even more. So this depends on woods as well. Evolution neck at 300mV is 3 times more powerful than the stock yngwie HS-3. Personally I didn't get good yngwie tone from any full sized humbucker. HS-3 just came close, and the cheapo asian SC were the best, go figure. You gotta try and see. It also depends on your tone rig. Yngwie uses vintage marshall amp.
If you want something close to Ygnwie's neck tone in a humbucker format ,try a Humbucker From Hell. And you can thank me later. :)
the evolution sounds alright for malmsteen/batio. but I'd go with dimarzio hs-3 or yjm or hs-4. I'd suggest also the paf pro or air Norton. all dimarzio pickups sound decent anyway I'm sure most of their pickups would sound fine in most styles.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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