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I was hoping to tap some of the pick up experience here... I got a killer deal on a RGR421 (love the blackberry burst), so I got it and changed out the stock "Made by EMG" pups for a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and PAF Pro in the neck.

I wired it according to the Dimarzio wiring diagram using a Dimarzio multipole switch. My problem is when I have the switch in the neck position ("1")...I only have the outer coil functioning. I tested by tapping on the magnets. The inner coil works cause when the switch is in the "3" position...both SD and PAF Pro (all 4 coils) react to the magnet tap test. When the switch is in the "5" position...both coils react on the SD.

I was just wondering if anyone knew which of the wires I need to check...the red, black/white or green/bare. I took my time and am pretty sure my soldering is OK...but doesn't mean I still didn't f-up. Could it be the switch?

Any advise is appreciated.

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