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Hello everyone. Sorry for my English, but it’s not my first language.
I own an Ibanez rg370ahmz electric guitar and it is very comfortable to play but I don’t like the sound very much.
It has ash body, one-piece maple neck(wizard III), edge-zero II tremolo with ZPS3Fe and quantum pickups(humbucker - single coil - humbucker configuration).
The sound feels soulless and maybe little bright. I don’t like dark sounds like Les Paul(in clean) but this guitar seems a bit brighter.
I have deactivated the humbucker’s split so if I select position 2 or 4 there is activated humbucker and single coil in parallel because the guitar with precedent configuration lost a lot of volume/resonance.
I haven’t a favourite music genre,but I play fingerstyle,blues,hard rock and metal.
I would like to change the quantum pickup to either:
• DiMarzioair Norton F-Spaced DP193FBK on neck position
• DiMarziotone zone F-Spaced DP155FBK on bridge position
• DiMarzio ISCV2 Evolution BKor DiMarzio DP175S True Velvet BK on middle position.

I chose air Norton and tone zone because rg652ahm prestige with ash body has these pickups.

For middle one I have seen a lot of prestige models use DiMarzio true velvet but i found DiMarzio iscv2 evolution at a good price.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money for a new guitar, therefore do you know if I will hear some substantial sound difference with DiMarzio rather than Quantum pickups?

Thanks in advance for your help
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