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Let me start by saying I am definitely an "EMG Guy", but I have a guitar that won't fit EMG's, and besides, I want to have one that's different so that I can get some different kind of tones happening. And besides, this guitar almost seems like it's screaming for a set of Dimarzios.

I've pored over the website and I think I made my decision for my setup. Except I can't decide between 2 bridge pickups. I know for sure that in the neck I want the Gravity Storm. and in the middle, I want the SDS-1. Already decided on those 100% - I want a high output ceramic neck pickup and the gravity storm is the one. I wanted a high output ceramic single for the middle, and the SDS-1 fits the bill, as well as definitely matching the aesthetic I want.

Bridge though.. I'm torn between Steve's Special and the Gravity storm. I know the gravity storm would give me a "matching set" and they're designed for each other of course, but I just really wanted to keep everything ceramic and the steve's special demos sound SO good.

However a main concern is that since the gravity storms are Mid heavy, and the Steve's special is scooped, they won't be a good matching set - if I spike the mids up for the Steve's special, then my gravity storm in the neck might have way too much mids and sound like a mess. Also, the demoes of the gravity storm bridge are starting to sound really good to my ears, even if it's lower output than I'm used to, it just has the EQ in this certain growly range that sounds really pleasing to my ears. I am definitely someone who prefers the EMG 81 in the bridge opposed to the EMG 85 so that was one of my main reasons to stay ceramic - I'm clueless when it comes to dimarzios and any comments would be appreciated in helping steer me towards one or the other. So, what do you think? Should I make the obvious choice and stick with the gravity storm matching set? is it an awesome set or what?

If it helps, I... don't really have a specific genre. You could say I'm on the metal side, and I do need to have a nice singing metal lead tone available. I love a bridge pickup with epic power chord crunch. but as far as actual tones, I pretty much dial in new tones every single time I record a song, and I do love playing clean, even on the bridge pickup. I don't like to stick to one thing too much ,so versatile pickups help with that. Marty friedman is my favorite guitarist, but I'm not interested in copying anyone's tones or anything.

e- Hey, sorry - I put this on the wrong section of the forum - I'm a bit new here and I thought this would be the place, but I goofed, and now I see the seperate forum for pickups and electronics. Can't figure out how to move the thread though.
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