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Dimarzio SUPER 3?

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Is this pup any good? not many ever talk about it but i heard it is great for metal and guitars with floyds?
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I haven't heard of a Dimarzio SUPER 3. If they are good for metal I'll take some! :D
You can find this pickup in the phil collens model jackson i think the PC-1 if im not mistaken. Anyways it sounds great its a good solid pickup typical dimarzio tone but not a very good seller its very very high output as I recall. But good solid tone from what i remember.
It's a midrange-focused version of the Super Distortion model.

The treble and bass are lower than an SD, while the mids are boosted. It's a very thick, compressed sounding pickup.

Sounds great for both rhythm and lead IMO, not as loose as a Tone Zone or Super Distortion in the bass, and without the brightness of something like an Evolution.

Imagine a Breed Bridge model without the dual-resonance effect, 435mV and abour 25k resistance. It's HOT.

Download a song called "Typhon". The solo was recorded with a Super 3.
it smokes. i have 2 of them. killer pickup...really agressive, and with really good tone. the old hm strats had them, as well as the pc1s.

i had one made for me, should be here in a week or so . It looked like a very cool pickup, i liked what dimarzio said about it and i have a super distortion and the super 3 has specs i wish more the super distortion was modeled around.

Anyways once i get it, and put it in, i will report back on what i think
well i got one and was is not for me
it is too middy and dark
i traded it for a duncan custom which is much nicer
that's cool. the duncan custom is my FAVORITE duncan. paired with an alnico2 in the neck....yum.

It's kind of a sleeper, you don't hear about it like all the other DiMarzio's...

I love it!

If I'm not mistaken, the IBZ-USA F3 pickups on Ibanez 540PII is the equivalent of Dimarzio SUPER 3.
I owned a super 3 and its a huge pup for distortion.. One of the highest output Dimarzios... and is great for dropped tunning...

I loved it... you wont know untill you experiment with it...
Ditto that!

I had it for my drop d RG & it sounded massive!
it doesnt get much hotter than this pickup for a passive, doesnt clean up with the volume down, I would ditch the tone control completely so you get a little high end.
not for everyone
I have the F3 in a USA custom. Best pickup I've heard. Same as Super 3. Awesome goodness.
The Super 3 is my go-to pickup for hard rock and metal in most of my RG guitars. Like was noted above, it's a Super Distortion with pushed mids, rolled-off treble and slightly higher output. This pickup burns for scooped metal cuz you can bump up the treble on your amp (which a lot of higher-end amps really respond well to) but still get smooth, glassy, solos above the 12th fret without the sound becoming too shrill--cuts WAY down on pickup changes mid-song.

I'm now quickly becoming a huge fan of the Dimarzio Crunch Lab due to the flexibility of tone based on the direction the pickup is installed.

I'll try and get some Super 3 sound clips up sometime soon.


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