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Hi there, I managed to install all 3 DiMarzio's in my strat and it sounds really good! Before installing, on the DiMarzio Packaging, there's an important note:

"This pickup is in phase with our full size humbuckers, but not with most single coil pickups, nor with our HS series pickups. To be in phase with this type of pickup, make the green wire hot, and red wire ground."

I read it and didn't really think much about it because I was using The Chopper with the Fast Track 1. But what exactly does it mean? Does it mean that - lets say i'm using The Chopper in the neck and i'm using, a blue velvet in the middle, it'll be out of phase and there will be a lower output?

Also, I noticed on some Ibanez's, (EG - JPM) the Air Norton is reversed? What effect does this have on the sound? I currently have my Air Norton with the adjustable pole pieces facing north?

Thanks very much,
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