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I do almost everything myself, having been a guitar tech/luthier for a few years - I normally suggest to people that if they have even the slightest doubts about doing something themselves, get a professional to do it - seen too many horrible botch jobs - we had one "guitar repairer" (who had the hide to call himself The Guitar Doctor) here who used to refret Les Pauls by pulling out the old frets, using a fretsaw to clean the slots, hence cutting through the binding at each fret, then installing the frets like a fender, then rounding the edges of the frets horribly - so you got ruined binding, and a fingerboard which was effectively about 5mm narrower than when you started.

I think we may have eventually tarred and feathered him and ran him out of town! BTW, if anyone from Sydney wants to know who this criminal was I'll advise by private email - no-one needs trouble like that when they spend money to get an instrument fixed!

Good luck guys - the world needs good, dependable and skilled guitar makers/fixers - if you do the job well, people will beat a path to your door!


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