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"Do musicians and audiophiles hear music differently?"

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This is a question I never would have thought to ask. In fact, I think the only person that would think to phrase this question as they did would be an audiophile, This video is of a musician explaining how he listens to music and the idea that musicians "do not care about audio quality" is strangely accurate.

There are many reasons I bring this up. First, if people do the "illusions" from Diana Deutsch's site, I would be interested to know what you heard if you are willing to share.

General opinions related to the topic are welcome!
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I'm a musician and a professional recording engineer, before getting into pro audio I remember getting my first good stereo and listening to music on it, and being enveloped by the sound. When I started to write music and record and then become a an engineer for a living, my perspective didn't change, I always went for a more Hi-Fi sound. These days I get complimentary copies of the Absolute Sound sent to my studio and it's a laugh, there is SO much these people buy into, like the idea that an 11,000 dollar power cord is something you need. How about you go to your power company and pay from premium electricity. I have a wonderful pair of Focal Twin 6's in my control room and revealing and accurate are both words I would use, not to mention that my control room is an acoustically accurate space. For me I can still listen to music as a musician and engineer but I also enjoy turning that part of my brain off and listening to music as an experience. I recently upgraded my speakers in my home stereo from some absolute junk to a pair of Elac speakers, because I wanted to enjoy listening to music OUTSIDE of the studio.
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