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"Do musicians and audiophiles hear music differently?"

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This is a question I never would have thought to ask. In fact, I think the only person that would think to phrase this question as they did would be an audiophile, This video is of a musician explaining how he listens to music and the idea that musicians "do not care about audio quality" is strangely accurate.

There are many reasons I bring this up. First, if people do the "illusions" from Diana Deutsch's site, I would be interested to know what you heard if you are willing to share.

General opinions related to the topic are welcome!
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it really depends on why i am listening to something...much of the time i want clarity as i tend to subconsciously analyze the music...if something catches my ear i want to know why it works so i'll listen through my studio monitors which are much clearer than normal stereo speakers (albeit with a much different but more defined bass frequency)...if i'm listening purely for enjoyment then a decent stereo is the way to go...it accentuates certain frequencies and makes the bass much more prevalent, making everything sound "bigger" just as compression over the fm radio air waves does...i'm guessing i'm not the "normal" though...d.m.
Clarity is key to learning to listen. Listening to movies heavy on the sound FX with an orchestral score through studio monitors is a really good way to develop the ear as it turns out. For me, studio monitors are my decent stereo and I use my iPhone like a radio, for news and stuff. That is "normal." ;)
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