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"Do musicians and audiophiles hear music differently?"

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This is a question I never would have thought to ask. In fact, I think the only person that would think to phrase this question as they did would be an audiophile, This video is of a musician explaining how he listens to music and the idea that musicians "do not care about audio quality" is strangely accurate.

There are many reasons I bring this up. First, if people do the "illusions" from Diana Deutsch's site, I would be interested to know what you heard if you are willing to share.

General opinions related to the topic are welcome!
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I listened to the illusions, I could feel myself trying to make sense of the phantom words but most of them sounded like non-specific pseudo vocal sounds although a couple nearer the end coalesced into words for me.

Audiophiles have always confused me because they seem to listen to utter crap on their expensive kit, I've always put it down to a 'gear fetish' phenomenon experienced by affluent older guys (and it is guys) whose hearing is starting to fail anyway, you need complex information rich music of the highest recorded quality to really resolve any difference and you need to listen to it loud, so the loud requirement means cheap gear with no headroom will always sound bad.

A decent amp and speakers will get you most of the way there, as long as your source is a lossless format then you should hear it all through good headphones anyway. I did notice detail I had previously missed in some music when I upgraded my gear but I really don't think there's any more to come from spending more money because I listen to the informational content rather than the superficial sound of the music.

Being able to resolve individual instruments in a symphonic work is really missing out on the composer's intention for the piece.
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