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My RG2027XVV, I bought it a few months back, it's in basically like-new shape. I've looked at it a few times, tuned it up (so maybe that counts??), but never actually played it in any musical way. Honestly, I had one 20 years back sold it and regretted it, bought it for the nostalgia; I play 8 and 6 strings almost exclusively, haven't really fallen in love with 7's in the same way. Killer looking and feeling guitar. Toying around with the idea of selling it. The idea of having something that doesn't get played regularly kind of bugs me, a guitar like this was made to be played, and it's sort of against my moral fiber to let it go unplayed :D

A friend of mine picked up a sweet JCRG3 a few weeks back, hoping maybe I can work out a deal for his JCRG3...then again, he's already king of all things 7 string and VV, he might not care for a lowly 2027, what with as many 7CT/CST's as he's got :D
1 - 1 of 14 Posts