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Does anyone has soundclips from Mesa TriAxis?

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I´m going to buy Mesa/Boogie TriAxis, and because i can´t test it first... so? I would like to listen it littlebit.
Also other users opinions about TriAxis are more than welcome.
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Pickup Dream Theater's Live at the Marquee CD. Triaxis all over that. Petrucci's skills not included. Also, his is modded in some way.
Nice, nice... Have any more? Clean channel is intresting one...
You can see a couple clips I did thru my triaxis.
Go to Endorsements and or Random Stuff for the vids, they are there.
They are larger files, so you may want to be sure you have a fast connection.

I had Marshall JMP-1 several months ago, and it was stupid... you just can´t get enough gain out of that box, really. I hope that TriAxis will fix it..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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