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does anyone here use ACID Pro 5.1?

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does anyone here use ACID Pro 5.1?

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I used it at college a couple of times. I didn't really enjoy working with it though.
im just getting into ACID and i was wondering if anyone here knew of any good books for it (instant acid looks pretty good).

i dont intend to use it for anything other than loop creation/editing.

i use FINALE for exporting midi parts and CAKEWALK for mixing/recording. basically, i program everything EXCEPT the guitar parts and i was interested in getting into ACID stricly for loops.
dam 50 views and only 1 response. does anyone here using ANY program that utilizes / supports ACIDIZED LOOPS and if so what is ur take on it?

any particular program thats more practical / useful than any other? and, if so, why?

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
I've played with the trial of ACID (latest version is 5.0b, BTW, not 5.1). I also bought a couple of "country loops" CDs because I don't have a pedal steel. But I don't use acid because I don't use loops for most of the music or even the rhythm "bed" tracks. Just a few thrown in for flavor 'n spice. So I just use the loops in Vegas (multitrack software).

If you're going to actually build tracks primarily with loops, ACID is very well respected. If not, just use multitrack software (Adobe Audition is another good one, Audacity works and is free, and a thunderin' herd of Protools people will come out of the woodwork to tell you their choice is the professional one ;-)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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