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Does pickups matter with multi FX?

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Yeah…like question above, I was wondering does pickups matter with multi FX units such as GNX4, PodXTL and GT8.
I swapped guitars, one is RG and another one is Epiphone, totally different pickups but same FX unit and amp, of course, guitar tones change after the swap.
But after tweaking patches on my GNX4, two guitars produce about the same sounds.
Am I not able to differentiate or it is just like that?
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Yes they do ! I have 7 electrics(5 Ibanez, 1 Schector, 1 Jackson), all different pups and they all sound different through my GNX4. It's nice to have different flavors when recording or just playing.
yes, espcially if your talking humbuckers vs single coils.
It really depends. Ephiphones have a really fat sound,and RG's depending on which one you have with what pickup mostliekly wont sound as fat. However, a great deal depends on how good your ear is for picking up on a guitar's tone. For example, some of the guys in my band cant differentiate between my iceman with basswood versus my jackson which has umm alder I think. Also my jackson has a 81 on the bridge, while the iceman has the 85 on bridge so there is also a slight difference there. To me they sound different, particularly with the open chords when running them through a processor/transitor amp.

Through a tube amp small differences are more pronounced.

So quick answer: IMO different guitars/pickups make a difference through a digitar processor. If you've been playing guitar for a long time and can pickup on small tone details then the difference will be more pronouced.

Hope that helps. Gluck.
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Everything makes some difference, even through multieffects or digital modelers. My two main guitars (basswood radii, Carvin necks w/ebony boards) are pretty much twins, except for the pickups. But the middle pickups are identical. When playing only on the middle pup (IBZUSA C2, top coil), they still sound different, through my V-Amp, my DG, or my Carvin amp.
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