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does RGT42DXFX have a painted neck?

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I really like the thought of an RG with standard hardtail bridge. I was just wondering if they had a painted neck or was it finished maple?
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Every damn thing is painted black, the hardware is pewter, and I love it.

The RG-321, RG-421, RG-521, RG-1521, RG-1522, RG-2571, RG-2771, RG-3271, RGT-42FX, and PGM-301 have fixed bridges and the necks are not "painted". Most of these are only available used and in Japan only.
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Hey, do you have a 5-way or 3-way blade on that with the EMGs? How does it sound?
they started making a few ibanez fixed bridge guitars, well higher end ones

www.guitartrader.com has some nice looking fixed bridge ibanez guitars, check them out.
I installed a three-way switch. Really no use for a five-way since there are only two pickups. You could use a five-way if that's all you had.

It sounds great if you like that kind of METAL tone. Metal up your ass!

Oh yeah, I forgot about the RGA-121 and RGA-321. I didn't care for the arch-top and the gibralter bridge when I played those. Fine none the less.
My buddy bought a vinyl cutter so we were playing around and made this:

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Very nice! I also put some vinyl decals on my guitar. Check it out:

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