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Ever since I bought this guitar, from eBay, which came in a case, I've been detecting a subtle smell coming from it, especially when I play it.

I'm almost sure this is an unfinished maple fretboard and that's why it has a smell, it has nothing on it to cover it. I have another guitar with a maple neck, but that is lacquered and never detected any smell from that one.

It could also be a smell from the case it was in that impregnated to the guitar and it may take a while to go away?

It does smell weird when I open the case, the lining of the case must be made of chemicals or something

Not to mention, after I'm done playing guitar if I put a finger to my nose, I can kind of smell it in my fingers, almost if the friction and sweat of my fingers may be activating the maple to release an odor
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