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DR-880 Dr. Rhythm

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Hey, I'm wondering if anybody uses this awsome, brilliant,amazing machine in recordings, or if anyone has vids out there using it, that would be really nice. I'm GOING to get one! Just got to wait until i get a job...

Also its around $550 american, so it will be like around $600/630 right?

Thanks in advance,Austin

<< If you need to be remined what it looks like...
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I don't have that one. I have the much older BOSS Dr Rhythm 660, which, by the looks of it is a bit simpler than what the 880 is like.

For me, I found the buttons and small screen too fiddly, and the result was, that after the novelty of the toy wore off, programming the thing was too much of a headache for it to be worth it to me (a non-drummer, afterall.) I tended to use the presets exclusively, which got pretty boring pretty fast, especially since there were lots of "strange" (to me) presets which were not that useful, and only a few that fit with my kind of music. But was still better than nothing at all.

I would suspect you'll likely end up driving it pretty much exclusively via MIDI from the computer, and basically just using it as a sound module and ignoring nearly all the controls on the front panel for the most part, except perhaps for switching between drumkits and controlling the volume. That's how I ended up eventually using my DR660, though nowadays the sounds within it are a bit outdated and one-dimensional sounding, the 880 is undoubtedly better in that respect simply by virtue of being newer.

I guess what I'm saying is don't worry too much about any features it may have apart from the sounds which it can make, because likely you won't use anything but the sounds.
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I have an 880. I replaced my DR660 with it.

It's full of great features including the bass lines which are great for jamming to. But at the same time I can't get around it as fast as I could My other drum machines I've owned. Mainly because of the interface.

I can actually get things programmed 3 times faster on the 660....go figure.
thanks for the comments, any links? vids?

I'm a guy that likes to fiddle with things and loves technology so i don't THINK I'll have a problem with programming, etc... tho if you look on the site where the viedos are it looks extremely easy.

Also remeber I am only 14 so it will be way better for me and more useful for me then you guys imo. Although if you guys use it for gigs......
I don't have a problem proggraming it. I've owned several of their other drum machines aswell as a roland drum machine, Alesis SR16 and DM5, aswell as a lot of drum programming in Cubase.

I just like to be able to work fast. So far my favorite has been Cubase with the Alesis drum module. I've actually fooled drummers with my drum programming that route.

I'd still like to get into DKFHS but I haven't tried it yet.
well i bought one 2 month ago and im verry happy with. The drr 880 is the best drum machine that you can buy now. Well its not only a drum machine, its a session trainer or jam machine if u want.
As a guitarist i was shoked to see that they integrated their COSM amp emulation and some of the boss gs10 effect in it. But i rarely use the guitar in option as i use the boss gs10 for that.
A bit confusing to program a song at the start but you'll get it right as u spend time with it.

You can hear it in my demo album by cliking on the link below.

thanks guys, your defiently the most knowledgable and helpful out of all the otehr sites!

Rab the drums sound amazing on your tracks, as well as the guitar haha

I am mainly going to use it jsut for jamming but i love computers etc.. so it will be jsut fun playing around with it

Also another reason to get it is to practise with my timing etc...
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