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Hello. Not meaning to double thread but i cant really delete or close the other thread.

I have a custom string set on my guitar in which the wound strings balance perfectly and are all d'addarios.

However in the 3 plain strings, 1 is D'addarios, 2 Dunlops, and are all the same gauge type (10-14-18)

The plain strings overall are a bit too hard to bend but i tried a lower gauge and it sucks. I think the Dunlop 2 plains i put there are more bendable than the D'addario though.

Now, also consider i have a bright guitar, so i would like warm plain strings too. So i think a brand change on the plains only would benefit me.

So in your opinion, which are the Warmest and most Bendable PLAIN strings for electric guitar for a given gauge? Compared to D'addario plains.

Remember, i'm only talking about plain strings, i use D'addario's for wounds.

I can choose between GHS Boomers, Ernie Ball, Elixir, DR, Dean Markley, La Bella and Thomastik Infeld in my current very cheap international store (Strings By Mail), as i live in Portugal. I cant choose Dunlop.
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