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Edge III Bridge Post Repair

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I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but my Edge III equipped RG 350 EX has had one post that was extremely crooked and I've dealt with it since 2005.. needless to say, the post itself is scarred up.

I just took on a project to refinish the body (blue stain plus dark blue/purple burst, woot) and decided to clean out the trem cavity. I noticed the bosses for the bridge posts are part of a single assembly that's screwed into the body. The peice of metal is extremely flimsy so I think it's more of a thing designed for simplicity in routing/drilling/installation because it doesn't have any structual integrity whatsoever.

So the point is I want to repair this crookedly drilled hole, but I have some questions.

My idea is to use a 3/8" wood dowel and some wood glue and fill the hole with that and try to re-drill it, however kind of seeking some advice as to best practice for repairing this crooked POS :)

Attached is a picture of said POS. Looks like they drilled a guide, then drilled the hole for the bridge insert and did that wrong, but the assembly just bent with it.


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Well, you've got the right idea, use the dowel to fill the hole, and then re-drill. While you are at though, why not replace the crappy posts and bridge with a better unit? Or at least replace the posts and anchors with better ones? Get some Edge studs and anchors, and when you have the cash (if you don't have it already), source an Edge Pro, which will fit in the route. ;)

If you are taking the time to do a nice re-finishing job for yourself you may as well give your guitar a better bridge that'll last you a lifetime too. :)
It's always wise to use a drill press when redrilling as well -- you don't want to make the same mistake the factory did!
looks like a decent size piece of the body is broken off too. How good are you with wood working??

Both Stephen and Phil have laid out the basic guidelines accurately. I agree that now is the best time to consider an upgrade to the posts/anchors and the trem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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