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Hi all........I've been coming on here for a while, but have never had the need or the knowlage to ever post.
I have an Ibanez RGT3020QM.....with an edge pro.
Behind the Trem the wood is all but away...so I can pull it back.
I understand that with the Jems...they are designed to be able to pull back up to a 4th (on the G string)....and figured it shouldnt be so diffrent for my RGT3020......however, I cant pull the strings back a tone before the high E snaps.......let alone a minor 3rd or anything like that........and I get nervous doing it just a semi-tone.
However, after the thin E has snapped,...I seem to be able to pull the trem back a major 3rd no problem.
I use bottom heavy 9's (9-46)...and I'm tuned down to D on the Low E string
The springs on the back are set up in a parallel 3 setup.......
If u guys need to know any more, lemme know,....I'd really appreciate the help......

and my heart goes out to those effected by the attacks in london.....I plan to go down to london myself in two weeks, and the attacks have only hardend my resolve to not alow terrorists to effect my life
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